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ESRL New Media in Storytime Workshop Slides & Resources

For 2 days in September, and group of about 35 librarians and storytellers met at the Kent Island Library in Stevensville, MD to share their experiences with using New Media in Early Literacy Programming. We started out with some background information, did some app demos, asked lots of questions and got everyone sharing. It was a jam-packed 2 days where we had more than a few technical glitches, but a lot was learned by all (especially me, and I lead the workshop!) Thanks so much for having me, Sam Eddington and Rachael Stein from the Eastern Shore Regional Library!

Here are my slides:

We also had a number of talented storytellers share some of their experiences.
Betsy Diamant-Cohen gave an overview of Mother Goose on the Loose and we demoed the brand-new MGOL app while it was still in beta (it should be available for free in the app store very soon!)
Dorothy Stoltz gave an overview of Every Child Ready to Read.
Phyllis Bontrager’s list of YouTube Videos.
Rachael Stein’s list of apps and the video she made with the 30Hands app.

Michele Prestley’s notes on using iPads in Storytime.

SPLAMBA Workshop at the Watsonville Library with Carisa Kluver @iPad_storytime

Carisa Kluver and I did our first tag-team workshop on Friday at the Watsonville Library with a group of SPLAMBA members who were interested in learning about using apps in storytime, but had never tried it out and were unsure about why they should even consider it. It’s becoming clear to me that in every session I lead, there is at least one person who will admit to me at the end that they didn’t particularly want to learn about using technology with young children, but that the approach we use, and the philosophical reasoning behind WHY we need to do this now has changed their minds. The fact that I’m a Waldorf mom is reassuring to these people as well; I view technology for kids as a reality that we must face with wisdom and moderation, not technology for technology’s sake. See my presentation below, and please also see Carisa’s Kids App Presentation Handout and Kids App Research Resources.