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H”App”y Kids at the Maryland Library Association, by Sam Eddington

On May 9th, the last day of the Maryland Library Association’s annual conference, we held a program called “Apps, Tablets and Children…Oh My!” Rachael Stein of the Eastern Shore Regional Library organized this event as a follow-up to the trainings that Cen Campbell conducted here in Maryland last October. We wanted to showcase some of the many ways in which libraries are using new media in children’s services, and also provide a venue for library staff to discuss trends, issues, and ideas around this topic.

The first hour of the program featured lightning talks (and demonstrations!) from Phyllis Bontrager (Baltimore County Public Library), Betsy Diamant-Cohen (Mother Goose on the Loose), Jenny Gallagher and Julie Ranelli (Queen Anne’s County Free Library), Sharon Lanasa (Dorchester County Library), Daria Perry (Harford County Public Library), Carly Reighard (Frederick County Public Library), and Amanda Roberson (St. Mary’s County Library). The second hour was an unconference-style time for discussion, brainstorming, and reflection, facilitated by Sam Eddington (Eastern Shore Regional Library). There was a great energy in the room, and dozens of library staff members participated in the program!

This handout was prepared by Amanda Roberson. There was a lot of interest in this list, and so she kindly made it available to us, with her permission to share it freely.

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LittleeLit is going to Maryland and Arizona!

I’m getting ready for some fun in Maryland! I’ll be visiting the Eastern Shore Regional Library to lead a 2 day New Media in Storytime workshop with Sam Eddington (ALSC Education Committee Chair) and demonstrations and guest speakers including Rachael Stein, Dorothy Stoltz, Betsy Diamant-Cohen, Michele Presley & Phyllis Bontrager.  Here is the description of the workshop:

New Media in Storytime

This two day, hands-on workshop will give participants the confidence to begin using new media in storytimes. We’ll use frameworks like Every Child Ready to Read and Mother Goose on the Loose to develop techniques to incorporate apps, eBooks and other digital tools into early literacy programming in a way that supports early literacy development and fosters caregiver-child interaction. Participants will learn how to evaluate apps and ebooks for use in children’s library services, collections and programs; translate traditional storytelling tools into the digital realm; and model positive media behaviors for parents and caregivers.

After the 2 day workshop at ESRL, Betsy and I will join Jennifer Hopwood at the Southern Maryland Regional Library Association to run two one-day Goose 2.0 trainings. Here’s the description for that one:

Goose 2.0: Incorporating digital media into Mother Goose on the Loose

Mother Goose on the Loose is a research-based, musical, interactive storytime for children 0-3 and the people who love them. This program is structured on Barbara Cass-Begg’s Your Baby Needs Music. MGOL programs are fun-filled thirty minute interactive sessions that uses rhymes, songs, puppets, musical instruments, and more to stimulate the learning process of babies and toddlers.

Now that digital media is more omnipresent in most homes, storytellers, children’s librarians and community leaders are now working toward developing practices that guide parents in healthy media behaviors for families that include young children. MGOL is an ideal framework to begin a respectful, non-judgmental dialogue with parents and caregivers about media consumption with young children. We can address the new challenges of screen time with very young children and support parents in their quest to provide the very best learning opportunities for their families. Goose 2.0 still uses all the traditional tools of the storytelling trade; rhymes, songs, puppets, musical instruments and felt boards, but it also uses age appropriate, high-quality digital media, and models healthy media behaviors and joint media engagement.

Later in the month I’ll be speaking at the eBooks in Early Literacy: Science, Design, Decision conference in Tempe, AZ. Check out the list of speakers! I can’t wait to actually meet some of these people in person!

For more information about workshops, please contact us here.

California State Library: Early Learning with Families 2.0

I’ve been a little AWOL from the Little eLit blog recently. Many thanks to Amy for keeping content fresh while I’ve been elsewhere! Here’s one of the projects I’m going to be working on, and the official announcement from Gerry Maginnity, the Acting State Librarian of California.

My part in ELF 2.0 will be to create a technology tooklit to help children’s librarians integrate new media and technology for children into library collections, services and programs (It will be free and available to the public once it’s done. The prototype should be ready by November.) This project will be the next iteration of an existing project, the original ELF, but like so many other initiatives, ELF needs to be re-worked to take into account the realities of modern information consumption, especially for families with young children. I’ll be doing a whole lot of talking at the California Library Association Conference in Long Beach in November, where I’ll be working with Dr. Josh Sparrow of the Brazelton Touchpoints CenterCarisa Kluver of Digital StorytimeShira Lee Katz of Common Sense Media, Francie Dillon, Sharon Krull, and a whole pile of library rockstars. We’ll also be putting on some webinars and in-person trainings around California.

There are two related technology for children pilot projects at the Mission Viejo  and Rancho Cucamonga Libraries in Southern California that will give me lots of learning to report on. Mission Viejo is home to Little eLit Think Tankers Genesis Hansen and Allison Tran, and Rancho is a 2013 IMLS Medal Winner.

Drs. Marianne Martens and Virginia Walter will be helping to provide some badly needed library-based research around the issue of children, technology and libraries. The amazing and inspiring Suzanne Flint at the California State Library will be wrangling us all, and Sam Eddington (incoming chair of the ALSC Education Committee) will be helping to facilitate the discussions.