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Webinar: Media and Early Childhood Development

I plan to take part in this webinar on Tuesday, March 6th.  It’s hosted by Digital Parent and is being facilitated by Holly Pederson of Parents Place fame. Here is a description of the webinar:

Are you wondering how television, videos, computers and smart phone applications impact your toddler and preschooler? This workshop focuses on how young children (ages 2-4) are impacted by “screen time” including watching television and videos, playing computer games, and entertaining themselves on your smart phone. You will learn the risks of screen exposure, whether educational programs and games can truly enhance your child’s learning, and how to establish a strong foundation for a healthy media diet as your child matures. Programs such as Sesame Street, Blues Clues, Barney, Arthur and Dora the Explorer, and how to determine what types of programs are most suitable for young children, will be explored.