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Thoughts on the End Goal of Tech & New Media with Kids

Did you see this commercial for GoldieBlox on during the Super Bowl?

Our friends at Oceanhouse Media wanted to make sure we had seen it, because they loved it so much they put together a whole blog post about how the work we’re all collectively doing is important because it’s supporting the next generation of coders and technology folks–including girls, who still don’t have an equal seat at the table.

Watch the video, read the blog post, and think about how the work that you are doing in the library is serving children–early literacy age and beyond–to know about, have interest in, and develop skills for the world that we live in now. Doing that well is a pretty important end goal for any of us involved in technology and new media with children.


eBook Review: The Lorax

 The Lorax
Oceanhouse Media
$4.99 on iTunes, $4.99 Google Play,$3.99  Amazon

My son has been asking to read the original tree-book version of this over and over (a budding environmentalist?) so we read it in app form as well.  The narrator is great, the words are highlighted as they’re spoken in the Read-to-Me and Autoplay settings, and Seuss’ drawing are well showcased.  Page turning and pop-out words are smooth and consistent with Oceanhouse’s other products. The only problem I have with this eBook relates to vocabulary.  There are 2  words in the original text that we change (censor?) when reading out loud with my 2.5 year old: “stupid” and “shut up” (we use “silly” and “be quiet” instead). We avoid the Read-to-Me and Auto Play options and read the text to our little barbaloot ourselves.    The Lorax has recently been made into a movie  which has not been terribly well received by Seuss fans and non-Seuss fans alike, so if you look for this app, make sure you are getting the Oceanhouse Media version, and not one of the many movie apps.  Here’s the Horn Book’s take on the Lorax movie.

Seuss Sale!

Oceanhouse Media is selling The Lorax for $.99 in honour of Dr Seuss’ birthday on March 2nd. (not to be confused with the Official Lorax App, which is free and based on the movie)  The sale only goes to March 8th, so grab it while you can!  A number of other Seuss eBooks are on sale, too- we got the Sneetches, Fox in Sox, Hop on Pop and Yertle the Turtle.  Oceanhouse is one of those lovely publishers that has their content available for most devices, so we can all join in the fun.

Reviews to follow shortly!

We already have Dr Seuss’ ABC on the Kindle Fire- take a look at the trailer to see what it’s all about.  My son especially loves the interactive alphabet at the end of this eBook.