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App Review: Charley Harper’s Peekaboo Forest

Charley Harper’s Peekaboo Forest
Night & Day Studios, Inc.
Available from iTunes store
For iPhone or iPad

This simple but visually stunning app is a great choice for young toddlers. Four seasonal backgrounds hide several animals each. Small movements (a nose peeping out, or a waving tail) hint at a hidden animal, but the creature doesn’t reveal itself fully until the child taps where he sees the movement.

When the animal comes out of its hiding place it makes a sound, then the name appears in the upper corner and is read by the narrator. The animal stays on the screen until the child taps it again, then it hides and the next animal movement is revealed.

Options allow you to turn the narration and the animal sounds on or off, and to switch the narration between an adult or a child’s voice. The activity is a bit limited especially for older children, and I could wish for more pictures, but the Charley Harper illustrations are gorgeous and this is a good choice for young children.

App Review: Eric Carle’s My Very First App

Eric Carle’s My Very First App
Night & Day Studios
Available from iTunes Store
$1.99, with 4 expansion packs available for $.99 each
For iPhone or iPad

This app has been very popular with my three-year-old. Eric Carle illustrations and textures are used to create memory and matching games with varying difficulty levels. It comes with two sets of illustrations: colors and animal homes. Additional sets (shapes, numbers, food, and animals sounds) can be purchased for $.99 each, but are definitely not necessary.

In the Easy level, the child swipes to move colors or pictures, and matches the picture with its dominant color, or the animal with its home.  Medium level is a standard, flip-the-cards memory matching game. The Hard level combines the two; using memory card-style of play to match a color and picture, or animal and home.

The illustrations will be familiar to Eric Carle fans, and the app has a nice, clean design. My son goes back to it again and again without getting bored, so I haven’t found it necessary to add more sets to play. If your child is a fan of Eric Carle books, this app is a good complement and a solid addition to your app library.