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Creating a Slideshare Felt Board story

If you have a really large group at storytime, you might consider using
Slideshare  for your felt board stories. You can project them from your laptop, and everyone can see! You could do the same in Powerpoint; I’m using Slideshare here so that I can, well, share it with others – you don’t even need an account to see the presentations, only to create. I did find a Slideshare app for iPad that is free, but I find it a bit slow – but if you want to try it, it is called Slide by Slide and hooks up with SlideShare.

This one is The Three Billy Goats Gruff. I made this one with a whole lot of help from Judy Sierra’s fabulous book, The flannel board storytelling book. Sierra introduces the amazingly easy technique of using interfacing for the figures– you make a photocopy of the pieces, pop a piece of medium-weight interfacing over top of that, trace it with a sharpie pen, color in with pencils or markers, cut out, and there you have it. I highly recommend this book for Felt Board storytellers! Once I have my story created, I just prop
up my board and take a photograph of each “scene.” This one has a lot of movement of pieces, so it has more shots than some might. Then, put your photos in order into SlideShare, and Bob’s your uncle. Please feel free to use The 3 Billy Goats Gruff in your next storytime. Another use for this could be to share the links to your felt board with parents– they could go home and tell the stories with their kids!

Angela Reynolds
Youth Services Manager
Annapolis Valley Regional Library