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Yuma County Library District’s Digital Science Hour Promo, by Emily Scherrer

This is a video the Yuma County Library District put together recently to promote its Digital Science Hour on social and various local media outlets. The Digital Science Hour is both an in-house and an outreach program. During the course of an hour, we explore various science-based apps based on a monthly theme. We’ve done everything from fossils to the universe!

While the program at the library has some devoted followers, the youth at the area schools love to see the iPads roll in as they know they’ll be doing something totally new and hands-on for their dose of science that day. The lesson plan initially created works best in the school setting, and we are tweaking that plan to make the hour at the Main Library (where the program is piloting) a little less regimented.

We’ve found exploring apps and “just having fun” with the device sometimes outweighs trying to learn too much when families pop by after work and school. By adding refreshments and more time to explore, we hope to attract more families to the program when we roll out new Digital Science Hours this Summer Reading.

Emily Scherrer, Youth Services Director
Yuma County Library District
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