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Little eLit Goes Pro(fessional Development)

I will be presenting my very first webinar on January 16th, 2013 with Karen Nemeth. Register. It’ll be a life changing experience full of wit, intelligent discourse and resources that will pump *clap* you up!

Using Libraries & Librarians for FREE Resources to Support Diversity in ECE programs – Found Treasure!  

Do you find yourself searching for great resources to enrich your multicultural or multilingual program? It is a challenge for preschool administrators to find the right materials for the languages and cultures they serve. The solution may be more accessible and affordable than you think: Partner with your local library.  There are so many ways this kind of partnership can help both parties because librarians need to connect with families in your community to provide appropriate activities for ALL of the parents and children. Librarians have the skills and special tools to help your staff discover and use materials and resources they might never have considered before. This just might be the perfect match!

This webinar will help you plan a set of action steps and resources you can use to build partnerships between your preschool programs and your community libraries so you and the teachers in your program can better meet the needs of young dual language learners and their families. Developing strong partnerships with libraries will enrich your program’s resources for all of the children without breaking the bank. These partnerships work because the key stakeholders have found ways to share expertise and resources to make maximum use of limited funding and to help each other close the gaps in services for this important and growing segment of our population.

All sessions are 1.5 hours long, and include a brief announcement from our sponsor.

2:oo PM – 3:30 PM Eastern Time.


Breaking Out of the Echo Chamber

There is an echo chamber in libraryland.  We all love libraries, we do this work because we love it (it certainly ain’t for the pay!) and we hang out with people who love and work in libraries too.  We go out for drinks/professional development and it’s all rah rah libraries! We all know that civilized society needs libraries and that the services to which we dedicate most of our waking hours are absolutely essential to our communities.  We go to ALA, PLA, CLA, BCLA  etc. We preach to the choir.

It’s a paradigm. And what do we do with paradigms?  At Little eLit, we bust ’em!

I’m going to start working with some people who also love children, technology and literacy. They are NOT librarians (gasp!).

Fran Simon, founder of Early Childhood Investigations and co-author of Digital Decision: Choosing the Right Technology Tools for Early Childhood Education has approached me about developing some professional development tools for early childhood education administrators. Karen Nemeth is the founder of Language Castle and author of a number of books and articles dealing with first and second language development (she is co-author of Digital Decisions with Fran). We’re embarking on a partnership to connect the early childhood education world with the library world in our approaches to technology for children.

So it looks like I’m going to go to some new conferences and make some new friends. NAEYC, here I come.