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ECRR 2.0: Cen & Saroj at PLA 2014

Saroj Ghoting downloading an app for the very first time

Saroj Ghoting downloading an app for the very first time

At midwinter I had the pleasure and the privilege to share brunch with someone who has been supporting me since the beginning of my new media in storytime advocacy campaign: the effervescent Saroj Ghoting.

Saroj and I will be presenting ECRR 2.0 at PLA in Indianapolis in March, and we’ve got a killer program lined up.

Here’s the details:

ECRR 2.0: Using Apps and E-Books in Early Literacy Programs
March 13, 2014 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Parents and librarians want to know how to safely integrate apps and e-books into their lives without feeling guilty. Join Cen Campbell and Saroj Ghoting as they shares why apps are useful and successful and should be incorporated into early literacy programming; how to model healthy media behavior; and what is the current research on the effects of digital media on children.

Here’s a brief outline of our program:

  • Demonstration New Media Storytime
  • The Five Early Learning Practices and how to support them with new media
  • Joint Media Engagement
  • Content vs Format
  • Apps that work well, Apps that don’t (and why)
  • Where to go for more information

I’ll also be showcasing some new media guidance at the ECRR preconference:

Put It into Practice: Implement Every Child Ready to Read @ Your Library
March 11, 2014 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Join us for a full demonstration of an ECRR 2.0 workshop with hands-on activities. A panel of children’s librarians and early literacy experts will share tips, along with their experiences and insights into using ECRR 2.0 in a variety of settings. Special topics will include foundational early literacy skills; community partnerships; informal ECRR presentations; using volunteers for ECRR outreach to low-income neighborhoods; training caregivers and parents; and seizing the opportunity to be a positive partner with families around the topic of media and young children.


Sandbox Summit

I just found out about this conference, which was held at MIT on April 17-18.  The summit examines how children play, how they interact with technology, and how that technology is changing the way they play.  You can view videos from the conference here.  I’m going to try to go next year.

Sandbox Summit is a series of conferences designed to address how technology affects the ways kids play, learn, and connect. As technology is woven into every aspect of our children’s lives, Sandbox Summit raises the bar on questions surrounding the use and development of their new toys and tools.