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Bye Bye appSmitten!?

I just got this newsletter from appSmitten (would have just included link but it’s broken).  Wonder what the business issues with Apple were?

We wanted to let you know this will be your last appSmitten newsletter. It has been quite an adventure discovering and sharing great apps with you, and while we could have done it forever, we ran into business issues with Apple that we just couldn’t overcome.

Our team, including Jeff Brittain who ensured your newsletters arrived safely in your “inboxes”, Michael Blonsky, who was our technical wizard, Regina Lewis and crew who conducted our research and Annabelle Gould, who made us “the Pinterest of app discovery”, along with our in-house comedy and relief: Joseph, Jim, Matt and Alex worked very hard to bring something fun, interesting and valuable to your life. We hope you enjoyed it. will still be accessible for a few more weeks so please be sure to stop by for app recommendations you might have missed: best apps for kidslong plane ridesfitness out of the gymrecipes and more.

Also please be sure to check out our incredible contributors and their awesome sites They worked tirelessly to find apps for you and have valuable content you’ll enjoy:

Crafts and creativity: Kim Demmon

Education: Laura CoyneAngela Watson and Andrea Oettinger

Family: Katie Balla

Family Travel: Traci and Matt Suppa

Food: Andrea DiMauro

Health & Nutrition: Dr. Melina Jampolis

Home & Design: Melaine Thompson

Photography: Matthew Murray

Personal organization and productivity: Krista Colvin

Shopping: Carley Knobloch

Small Business: Tory Johnson


Most of all, we wanted to thank you for your interest and support. Our appy subscribers made this all worth while.

Adios amigos,

Anna, Ellen & Sarah


ALSC Blog: C&T Post

Check out the ALSC blog.  There’s a great article entitled Apptastic Resources (tee hee, spell check doesn’t like that). Some of the resources mentioned are old standbys, but AppSmitten was new.  It’s now on my list of app review sources. Post written by Andrea Vernola, who is serving on the Children and Technology committee with me.