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Blossom Book Babies!

Blossom Book Babies!

Group photo from the last Book Babies session. Everyone say “Choo choo!”

Mobile Library Service is Where it’s At!

Check out today’s Digital Shift.

Library Journal’s Patron Profiles recent survey uncovered some unsurprising but useful data about library patrons aged 21-40: they like mobile devices, and they use them with their young children.  So- if we want to stay relevant in these people’s lives, we’ve got to get them where they live.  On their iPads, smart phones and eReaders.

All aboard the eBook train, y’all!

Maurice Sendak Slams eBooks

Stephen Colbert sits down with Maurice Sendak to discuss the abysmal state of children’s books.  It’s hilarious!  Wait til the end of the interview to hear what Mr. Sendak has to say about eBooks being the future of publishing.  Colbert vows to publish I am a Pole and So Can You as an eBook.  You can bet we will review it here as soon as it’s available!

The interview spanned 2 episodes, so I’ve included the eBook-relevant portion first, and the first part of the interview (which is not appropriate for children) last.

Part 2 (wait for it at the end)

Part 1 (if you’re interested- it’s more of a discussion on censorship and there is no ebook commentary)

App Review: Wheels on the Bus

$0.99 on iTunes andAmazon

Very cute interactive musical book!  This app is a 2010 Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner.  Duck Duck Moose makes many educational apps for toddlers and babies.  Even though the suggested age for this app is 4+ on iTunes, the designer says 18 months and up, and my 5 month old enjoyed it too.  Of course, it is more fun when kids can use the interactive elements themselves.  Every page has different elements: the doors on the bus open and close when you touch them, the driver winks and moves her arm, and a dog barks, among many others.  You can change the language of the book to French, Spanish, Italian, or German, change the instruments in the music, or even record yourself singing the song.  This is definitely worth the price.

Review by Leslie McNabb

Welcome Leslie!

We have yet another contributor to LittleeLit! Welcome Leslie!

Leslie McNabb has been a Branch Manager for two years. Previously she was a Youth Services Librarian for three years, and prior to that a high school teacher. Her job entails everything from reference, collection development and maintenance, programming, serving on committees, publicity and promotion, outreach, circulation, book club facilitation, and maintaining the branch. She is also a member of the International Relations Committee for the American Library Association. She is a 2010 Eureka Institute Fellow. Her undergraduate and MLIS degrees are from the University of Washington, and her Masters in Teaching is from Western Washington University. Leslie is a new mother with a five month old daughter, Jordan Magnolia. She owns a Nook, an iPhone, and covets the iPad.

Welcome Genesis!

We have yet another library superstar joining Little eLit! Genesis is a crackerjack librarian and mama to 2 digital natives.  She has lots of wisdom to share with us about eLiteracy, life, the universe, and everything.  Huzzah Genesis!

eArtricle Review: E-Book Lending Lures Readers Back to Libraries

eBook Lending Lures Readers Back to Libraries

How awesome is this?  People are reading MORE.  Not just more eBooks or more print books or more cereal boxes- just MORE.  Nothing but good could come of this.  Unless maybe you’re a publisher.  And you’re using yesterday’s rules to play today’s game. Then you deserve what’s coming to you.

The increased digital demand doesn’t seem to affect the volume of physical book-borrowing. “We still have growing circulation numbers in regular books as well, so it’s like two worlds that run side by side,” said Jim Charette of the Portland Public Library.

In fact, the growing prevalence of tablets and smartphones appears to be drawing people back to reading as a leisure-time activity.

Following the national trend, libraries are harnessing digital technology to the benefit of their patrons. If customers continue to flock to libraries, publishers may be left with no choice but to follow

Welcome, Amber!

Little eLit is very proud to welcome Amber as a guest blogger.  Amber is a library superhero with an encyclopedic knowledge of children’s music (and all music, for that matter…)  She is quick to whip out her iPhone and say “I have an App for that!” and she kicks some serious patoot in storytime.  Also,  she laughs at all my stupid jokes.  I can’t wait to see what she’s going to tell us about in her upcoming post.

Jazz hands and golf claps for Amber!

Amazon acquired Marshall Cavendish US Children’s Books Titles

Amazon is going to convert the whole catalogue of Marshall Cavendish’s children’s books (mostly picture books) into eBooks.

Anybody want to play Monopoloy?

Read more here.

I don’t read eBooks with my kid! Oh wait! Yes I do!

I had a lovely chance meeting with a good friend of mine and her 4 year old daughter today.  We discussed our use of eBooks with our respective progeny.

“We don’t really use eBooks.  Oh wait! Yes we do! We downloaded this one ages ago.  Here Maryanne, show us how you find Lulu’s Brew!” said Mom.

Maryanne went on to navigate her mom’s iPhone, find the app, start it up, then turn pages to show me how it worked.  They DO read eBooks, they just didn’t think of it that way.

When I asked where she got it and if she paid for it, she had no idea.  It was just like any other app on her phone- something had tickled her fancy and she clicked on it.

Why the disjunct? Is it a matter of nomenclature?  Is “ebook” too narrow?  Too broad? Too jargony?  Do people use this stuff with their kids without knowing that some library nincompoop calls it an eBook?

What IS an eBook?

Hang tight.  I’m gonna figure it out.