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Here at Little eLit, we want to help librarians find, learn about, and use apps that meet the needs of their programming audiences and fit their program styles. On this section of the website, you’ll find links to Little eLit’s own tried-and-true apps for library programming, app review sources, and app lists from a variety of librarians who use them in their libraries.

Apps Discussed on Little eLit

App Lists:

App Reviews

The following are app recommendation or review sites. Keep in mind that not all are objective, thorough or transparent in their review processes.


Common Sense Media


Digital Storytime

Horn Book: Out of the Box


Kirkus: iPad Reviews

SLJ: Touch & Go

Smart apps for kids

Evaluating Apps for Kids

Genesis wrote a series of blog posts on what to consider when evaluating apps for kids.

Age Appropriateness

App Controls

Interactivity in ebooks


Developing Early Literacy Skills

Annoyance Factors & Customization

Intended Use


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