The Last LittleeLit Blog Post

One of the very first LittleeLit blog posts (December 1, 2011) ended thusly:

eBooks for children: a brave new world.  Let’s talk about it!

I started this little blog with a load of questions and no idea where to find the answers:

What does the invention of tablet technology mean for young children?

What is MY young family’s relationship with technology going to be like?

What do these new formats of children’s literature mean for libraries?

How might library services like storytime be effected by the influx of interactive media geared at preschoolers?

While these questions are still not completely answered, we have come a long way in our understanding of new media for children. There are even more questions, but now there are even more librarians working out the answers together. The LittleeLit blog will be shuttered as of today, but the Google group will remain open for anyone who wishes to ask questions or search the archive.

LittleeLit leaves as its legacy a series of documents that sought to more fully understand the role of the children’s librarian in the children’s media marketplace:

The LittleeLit Book is freely available for anyone to use. Thanks to Amy Koester for shepherding us, and to all of the authors: Carissa Christner, Claudia Haines, Genesis Hansen, Anne Hicks, Jennifer Hopwood, Carisa Kluver and Tess Prendergast.

The results from the Young Children, New Media & Libraries Survey as published on the ALSC Blog, as an infographic and in Children and Libraries. Thanks to Liz Mills, Emily Romeijn-Stout, Amy Koester and Joanna Ison.

Our white paper, Media Mentorship in Libraries Serving Youth, which was adopted by the ALSC board on March 11, 2015. Thanks to Claudia Haines, Amy Koester, Dorothy Stoltz and the ALSC Board and staff.

More thank yous:

Thank you again, Amy Koester (rhymes with rooster), for being involved in almost every LittleeLit project, managing the blog for so long, for calling out BS, and for always, always, always closing the deal. You’re a force of nature.

Thank you to Carisa Kluver, who took many, many airplanes and car rides so we could work together. Thank you for being exceptionally good with the following: ambiguity, seat-of-the-pants dramatics, and post-workshop enchiladas. Only the best screw-top Riesling Rancho has to offer for you, honey.

Thank you to Claudia Haines for your calmness under pressure, mad research skills, and apparently 6 pairs of arms (how is it that you DO so much?!)

Thank you to Dorothy Stoltz, who is a philosopher, a diplomat, a naturalist, a visionary, and a model truly worthy of imitation.

Thank you to Dr. Chip Donohue for your mentorship and friendship, and for always having a door open for librarians.

Thank you to Dr. Karen Nemeth for introducing me to the world of webinars, and for your wisdom that always comes with a laugh.

Thank you to Lisa Guersney, who was the inspiration for a lot of the work we did at LittleeLit, and who finds the time to eat flowers in a garden with me.

Thank you to Genesis Hansen for starting LittleeLit with me in the first place. You’re one of the adultiest adults I’ve ever met.

Thank you to Carissa Christner for your energy, creativity and do-itiveness.

Thanks to Anne Hicks for always being willing to step up to the mic.

Thank you to Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen….. we’re not done yet 🙂


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  1. Oh, Cen, I will be sorry to not to continue to receive the lively and enlightening posts from all the folks involved with Little eLit. But everything evolves and changes…you’ve done a great job, and introduced us all to some great ideas, and to each other. I have learned so much, and made some lovely friends.

    Thank you so much! ;-)) Roxie

  2. It was fun to be a part of this, and even more fun to get to know you and the other LittleeLit folks. Best wishes for the future!

  3. I have learned so much from littleellit. It has benefitted my little patrons and their parents. Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen!

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