Are Ebooks Better than Print Books? SLJ Up For Debate

Two of our LittleeLit Advisory Board members, Dorothy Stoltz & Dr Marianne Martens, recently wrote a piece for School Library Journal based around the theme “Are Ebooks Better than Print Books?” (which is a bit like saying “Are puppets better than shakers in storytime?” since they serve different purposes),

Dorothy & Marianne’s article is entitled Ebooks Enhance Development of the Whole Child, and Kathy Kleckner wrote The Book Is Far Superior to the Ebook for Early Literacy. What I like about these articles is that we often agree much more than we disagree, however much we try to polarize the issue further.

People come first, technology comes second.

Read both articles on SLJ’s Up for Debate .




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  1. Great articles. It seems to me that ebooks win on one characteristic: They make it easier for librarians and families to respond to different language needs on the spot. 25% of young children in the U.S. speak a language other than English at home, so this is a key point. Print books can be obtained in different languages – but the ability to switch languages on the spot is better than telling a family you’ll order a print book for them and hoping they come in again someday. You never know what language is going to show up at storytime! Karen Nemeth

  2. Excellent point, Karen! And there are a number of other situations where digital books are far better than print, like when traveling, in geographically isolated communities and for children with disabilities that make reading traditional print books difficult. They are also more engaging for some young readers … and we want them to find their own love of reading and learning, irregardless of format.

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