Mirroring iPad Apps in a Webinar, by Christine McNew

Greetings from Austin, Texas! I’m Christine McNew, and I am writing to share about a webinar I presented on April 29 called “Selecting Early Literacy Apps for iPads in the Children’s Department.”

The webinar began with a chat about what makes a great early literacy app, followed by a discussion of review sources–including Little eLit, of course! You’ll find this information in the pdf slides, available by clicking here (slides may be reused with proper attribution).

Webinar participants then viewed 16 topical collections of early literacy apps that I developed in Edshelf. The collections include highly reviewed or rated apps and apps that librarians have reported using successfully in their early literacy programs. One of the collections is a list of apps in Spanish, which are especially important here in Texas. (By the way, Edshelf is a wonderful tool for organizing and sharing your early literacy apps with colleagues and parents and is ideal for app advisory. And it’s easy to set up a free Edshelf account and begin sharing your app collections. Just go to www.edshelf.com and click on “Create a Free Account.” Then, let your colleagues and parents know so they can follow you.)

The 1.5 hour webinar concluded with a preview of about a dozen early literacy apps that are listed in one of my Edshelf collections. To make these previews happen, I mirrored the apps from my iPad to the computer from which I was presenting the webinar; that way participants got to see exactly what was on my iPad’s screen in real time as we explored the apps. Some of the participants commented that they wished they could have seen more apps and more variety, and I wish I’d had time for more. Sharing the apps was really fun!

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission hosted the webinar and I invite you to view the archived webinar (for free). Many participants who are new to early literacy apps for iPads asked questions that were addressed in another webinar I presented for the Texas State Library on November 19, called “Early Literacy Apps and iPads in the Children’s Department.” That webinar is an overview of how children’s librarians are using iPads and apps, along with a discussion of how to get started. You may view that webinar (also free).

For those who would like to know a bit about the technical aspects of my webinars, the Texas State Library uses Go-To-Webinar. To mirror the apps, I installed Reflector on my PC, which communicates with iPad’s Air Play. After experimenting, we found that the best way to amplify the volume of the apps was through speakers connected to my PC, and that a stand-alone mic produced the best sound quality for both my voice and the apps for the webinar recording.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know! And, please let me know if you set up an Edshelf account so that I can follow you! You can reach me at christinemcnew@hotmail.com.

Christine McNew is an independent library consultant with 20+ years of experience as a children’s librarian in public libraries and as a youth consultant for the Texas State Library. She earned an MLIS with a specialization in Youth Services from the University of Texas and has a passion for early literacy. Christine enjoys volunteering, gardening, travelling, reading, spending time with her family, and lots of live music in Austin, Texas, where she lives.
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  1. It seems like I missed the seminar

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