Apps for Babies & Very Young Children

I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it again. The best kind of app for a baby (or young child) is one that facilitates the development of a relationship with another human being. There are a lot of “baby” apps on the market, and I have yet to see one that I think would actually do anything for the baby except maybe mesmerize them for a bit.

There are, however, a number of apps that can support parents as their child’s first and best teacher, so those are the ones we can try to highlight in our libraries, and be very explicit with parents that their babies can’t even really see the screen yet, but that these apps might give them some ideas for talking, singing, reading, writing or playing together. Babies need relationships, not technology, but sometimes the parents can benefit from knowing about these kinds of resources.

ACPL Family

Grow  a Reader

Mother Goose on the Loose

Together Time with Song and Rhyme for Parent and Preschooler Play

Zero to Three: Let’s Play




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  1. I disagree! There is a GREAT app for babies! It is called “camera roll” or “photos”. 😉 The best use of tablets or smart phones with babies is to show them photos of themselves, their loved ones, and their familiar things … while they are in your lap. Then you talk together about the pictures that mean so much to them. Really savvy parents make mini photo albums based on their baby’s interests. If they are fascinated by the family cat, take photos of the cat in a variety of settings and poses and talk about all the funny things the cat is doing. Or, collect a series of photos showing loved ones holding the baby: “Who loves Jude? Mama loves Jude! Who loves Jude? Daddy loves Jude!” etc. There is TREMENDOUS learning and pre-literacy value in helping babies make connections between 2-dimensional images and the real things they represent. Real photos are always the best connections for baby brains. Librarians can help by showing parents all kinds of fun ways to use their own photos to make these connections any time, any where.

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