Final New Media Storytime Training at the Mission Viejo Library (sniff sniff)

Well, we’ve had our 4th and final training at the Mission Viejo Library. It has been an incredible experience working with the dedicated children’s librarians and administrators, and we are completely indebted to the one and only Genesis Hansen for making the whole initiative a success. Their children’s librarians are all trained up, and some have already begun using their iPads in storytime. Allison Tran, one of the most intrepid librarians I know, will be leading a new media in storytime & media mentorship pilot project in May (which we’ll report back on for sure!) She also created this video using the Jazzy World Tour App during her new media storytime demonstration exercise. That’s the rest of the training group in the background saying “g’day!” and “didgeridoo!” to give us an idea of what content creation within storytime could look like.

Here are the slides from our training, and I’ve promised to follow up with the staff to see if they’re willing to share their experiences with using their iPads in storytime.  Thanks for a wonderful and successful long-term training experience, everyone!


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  1. i need this training…..please describe about this training,,,

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