Fred Rogers Center Early Career Fellows (ECF) Program LittleeLit Entries

I am very, very pleased to share that two LittleeLit contributors, Claudia Haines and Megan Egbert, have submitted applications to participate in the Fred Rogers Center Early Career Fellows (ECF) Program. I am so very proud to be associated with these innovative and passionate individuals, and urge everyone to send them successful vibes. It is of utmost importance that children’s librarians participate in these kind of boundary-pushing professional development activities, and that we loudly broadcast our expertise in the areas of content evaluation, curation, storytelling, early learning & literacy beyond the walls of libraryland.

Best of luck, Claudia & Megan. If your projects don’t make it into this program, we’ll work to make them a reality some other way. LittleeLit’s got your back.

Keep the big ideas coming, colleagues. It’s a brave new world out there, and we have a huge opportunity to positively impact the way we remember ourselves to our children.

Update: Claudia & Megan’s entry videos are coming back soon; after winners have been announced.



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