Technology is Loose in the Library! by Cathy Knutson

All teachers know that there is a bit of risk involved in trying new things with students. Every time we introduce a new concept, and especially every time we try out a new tech tool, we risk the lesson not going according to plan. It is a calculated risk, but a risk all the same. We can almost always count on technology to surprise us, and at times completely fail. But when it works, when we manage to pair the right tool with the right learning concept, it is a most gratifying thrill that maximizes learning for our students!!

Which brings me to why I love designing new lessons for my students, why I am so passionate about library tech lessons. One of my greatest joys as the media specialist for a K-5 building is designing new lessons that combine books and technology and kindle my students’ creativity as they demonstrate their learning. It represents the intersection of children’s books (any format–hard copy or eBooks), teaching objectives/standards, and technology–the teaching trifecta!! I don’t believe that new technologies guarantees great lessons and outcomes, but experience has taught me that technology can energize lessons and give students exciting new ways to express themselves and share what they are learning!

My youngest students and I have been working on several projects this year! Follow the links for full program descriptions and write-ups.

First Graders Begin Working On An Oak Hills Elementary Alphabet Book!
Lesson Ingredients: Alphabet Books from Sleeping Bear Press, iPad camera, Chirp iPod App, and the Haiku Deck App

1st Graders Have Been Busy Creating Caldecott iMovies
Lesson Ingredients: 2014 Caldecott Books, Chirp App and the iMovie App

More Rules for Moose From 2nd Graders Using the Skitch App!
Lesson Ingredients: Oliver Jeffers’ book The Moose Belongs To Me, Google search for Landscape Art and any app that allow the user to draw/type on an image – I used the Skitch App

2nd Graders Share A Laugh Using The ChatterPix App During Joke Book January
Lesson Ingredients: Kid’s Joke Books for Read Aloud, if desired: kid joke websites (be careful to review content vigorously), Google image search and the Chatterpix App

1st Graders Research Chinese New Year And Celebrate With The Help Of The Augmented Reality App CoLAR Mix!
Lesson Ingredients: Chinese New Year Books for Read Aloud, Coloring Pages Downloaded from the CoLAR Mix website, and the CoLAR Mix App

Cathy Knutson is the Media Specialist at Oak Hills Elementary in Lakeville, Minnesota where she teaches 630 K-5 students using a set of iPads and a library full of great books! You can read about her library/tech lessons at and follow her on Twitter @KnutsonCathy.
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