Beyond Screen Time: New America Foundation

Today a group of educators, policy makers, researchers & practitioners met in Washington DC at the New America Foundation for Beyond Screen Time, an event organized by LittleeLit friend and advisor, Lisa Guernsey. Beyond Screen Time was “an afternoon of moderated discussion, innovative exhibits and networking that explore a world beyond “screen time,” recognizing technology as more than an electronic babysitter and pushing for high standards in how it is used.”

Below are the proceedings of the conversations at the event, with some key message to listen for that pertain directly to young children, new media & the role of libraries.

Video streaming by Ustream

In this second segment, listen to Chip Donohue at 34:00 talk about teacher preparation; a lot of the same problems apply to library schools as well.

Starting around the 41 minute mark both Lori Romero & Chip Donohue REALLY “shout out” to “librarian friends” doing work in this area.

Video streaming by Ustream


Also please read Lisa’s Policy brief: Envisioning a Digital Age Architecture.



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