ECRR 2.0: Using Apps and E-Books in Early Literacy Programs

Here are our slides from ECRR 2.0: Using Apps and E-Books in Early Literacy Programs. There were also a number of ALSC blog posts about our session:

E-Books and Apps in Storytime
Early literacy and apps
Using Apps and eBooks in Early Literacy Programming

A large list of LittleeLit-vetted ECRR-supportive apps is on it’s way! Stay tuned!

Parents and librarians want to know how to safely integrate apps and e-books into their lives without feeling guilty. Join Cen Campbell and Saroj Ghoting as they share why apps are useful and successful and should be incorporated into early literacy programming; how to model healthy media behavior; and what is the current research on the effects of digital media on children.


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  1. Thanks for the talk! It was fun to see how apps might be seamlessly integrated into storytime. For those of us who can’t – or choose not to – use apps in storytime, it would be fun next time to hear about other ways we could model joint engagement: tablets within the department, “Appy Hours” or other programs geared to adults, special technology programs for adults with their kids, lists of recommended apps or app review sites, etc.

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