Sarah Towle’s A Brief History of StoryApps and Interactivity

This is one of the videos Carisa Kluver and I often show as part of our New Media Storytime trainings. It’s a fantastic overview of the evolution of this sometimes perplexing new format!

Here’s the description:

In this brief history of humankind’s newest storytelling genre, award-winning author and app developer, Sarah Towle, explores the evolution of the StoryApp, from its initial iterations to the latest blockbusters. Discover what can be learned from the earliest experiments in StoryApp creation and interpretations of “interactivity” to enable you to make the best possible StoryApps today. (Learn more about Sarah at


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my Brief History, Cen. I’m so thrilled that you and Carisa find it useful for your trainings! I’d love to sit in on one of those some day. Cheers!

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