Sock Puppet App Storytime Guidelines at the Mission Viejo Library

Allison Tran, a long time LittleeLit Think Tank member and recent participant in one of our training workshops produced this video with the Sock Puppets App for her Preschool Early Literacy Class at the Mission Viejo Library. The idea is that the “rules” might come across a little easier coming from a sock puppet, and that it might *ahem* actually get both caregivers and kids to pay attention and adhere to the guidelines right off the bat. Using a content creation app like this as a regular part of storytime is also a form of “appvisory” (reader’s advisory for apps!) and can serve as a parenting tip or educational aside as well:

“Did you know you can create sock puppet videos really easily with your children at home or on the library’s iPads?”


Posted on February 12, 2014, in Literacy. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. This is amazing! Using a third party (err, the sock puppet) positions the storytime as an important event, like when you see live theater and they make announcements before the show starts. I’d love to hear how families are responding to the video.

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