Storytime 2.0 at the Wellesley Free Library, by Clara Hendricks

We have just started a monthly “Storytime 2.0” using an iPad projected on the big screen.  It is an afternoon program, geared towards kids ages 3-6 with an adult.  Here are the outlines for my first two programs:

November 7

Opening Song: “If you want to hear a story…” (Words and images on Keynote slides)

Book: Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina

Song: Hat, sweater, pants and boots (Feltboard app with lyrics)

Tips for parents: (Slide outlining basic tips for parents on using technology with young children)

Book: Little Red Riding Hood (App by Nosy Crow)

Song/Movement: If you’re wearing red today (Words on colored slides)

Song: Mary wore her red dress (Feltboard app with lyrics)

Book: Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems

Song/Movement: Boots (Lyrics on slide)

Song: Do your pants like to dance? (Lyrics on slide)

Book: Let’s play in the forest while the wolf is not around by Claudia Rueda

App: Animal sounds– listened to a howling wolf, and then many other animal sounds on request.

Closing song: The More we get together (Pre-recorded by me in funny voices using the Sock Puppets app)

Handed out stickers and wolf coloring sheets.

Takeaways: I placed the tips for parents at the beginning, but found that they took much longer than my normal early literacy tips, and that I had to rush through them.  For the next program, I left them for the end, while the kids did their coloring activity.  The Animal Sounds app was great, but the kids didn’t want to stop, so I used it in a more structured way the next time.  Lastly, for songs I mostly used static slides with an image/lyric, and wanted to expand more into interactive methods.

December 5

Opening Song: “If you want to hear a story…” (Words and images on Keynote slides)

Book: King Louie Katz (Dr. Seuss Short Story Collection app)

Song: Grand old Duke (Mother Goose on the Loose Feltboard app.  Played the song twice. First time with felt pieces moving, the second time we moved ourselves)

Book: Animal Tails by Ken Kawata

App: Feed the Animals by Curious Fingers

Song/movement: This is the way the elephant walks (Photos of animals and lyrics on slides)

Book: The Tiny King by Taro Miura

Song/movement: Head, shoulders, knees and toes (Bunny Fun app)

Song/movement: I gotta shake my sillies out (Youtube video)

Book: Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus by Mo Willems

Game/activity: All the children are sleeping and when they wake up they are… (Animal sounds app to indicate when to wake up and what animal to be)

Book: Gertrude McFuzz (Dr. Seuss Short Story Collection app)

Closing song: The More we get together (Pre-recorded by me in funny voices using the Sock Puppets app)

Handed out stickers, Gertrude McFuzz coloring sheets, and “How to draw the pigeon” sheets.

Talked to parents about using technology with young children, handed out app lists.

Takeaway: No matter how long you pre-load them, Youtube videos will freeze!  The kids looked a little unsure of what to do, but I kept shaking my sillies out and they followed suit.

Tech issues: My current set-up is an iPad and VGA adapter, plugged into the wall.  Because I have limited length in my cord, I have to sit/stand quite close to the (giant) screen, and my mobility is limited.  I am also finding that my shadow blocks the screen when I forget to move aside for the movement songs!  This isn’t really a tech issue, but it’s an adjustment I’ve had to make based on the new type of program.

Clara Hendricks is a Children’s Librarian at the Wellesley (MA) Free Library.

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I'm a youth services librarian with a penchant for exciting ideas and engaging programs. It's a sure bet that if you talk to me about STEAM, whimsy, and trying new things, we'll be best friends forever.

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  1. Clara, I love the way you used the Animals Sounds app in your second storytime. I’ve used that app a bunch but having the kids pretend to sleep and then pretend to be what ever animal they hear is a great idea! I bet the kids loved it too.

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