Mission Viejo Library Training Session #2

Carisa and I did our second training for the wonderful librarians at the Mission Viejo Library in sunny southern California yesterday. (It was REALLY sunny. And almost 80 degrees!) We had one hiccup (well…. two, actually): the iPads did not arrive on schedule, so staff hadn’t had a chance to play with them yet, and the ETA is still TBA. We shared around devices as best we could, demoed some good apps and had some great conversation (and chocolate, which makes all trainings better).

The second hiccup was with networks, data plans & devices. Invariably when I go to a new venue to do a training or program, SOMETHING wackadoo happens and we have to do a fancy dance of trying out dongles, testing networks, unplugging, turning on & off and looking at each other with befuddled expressions. It stresses the holy bejesus out of me, but it’s a reality. Those techy  glitches, I think, are what scare people off, but while I’ve felt like a complete and utter failure at times because I just…. can’t…. make…. the interwebs…. work….. I’ve had a number of people say that it makes them feel a whole lot better to see someone who has done this a lot STILL have issues when setting it all up. I’m not sure if that speaks more to the niceness of librarians in the face of my technological snafus, or to the reality of the frailty of the combined systems we employ in order to mirror content in this iterative, ephemeral landscape.

Presenting with Carisa is always enjoyable and educational for me, and we heard some really great suggestions and feedback from the librarians. The experience just reaffirmed to me that we’re all working on developing a core body of knowledge on this topic together; even those of us to claim we “know nothing!” I hope some of the Mission Viejo librarians will be willing to share their journeys, reactions, storytimes, experience and expertise with the rest of us on LittleeLit once their devices arrive and they get to dig in!

Here is the list of apps & resources we shared:

Book Apps

Little Robot Lost His Square
Very Itchy Bear
Four Little Corners


Pout Pout Fish


30 Hands
Felt Board
Felt Board Christmas
Mother Goose on the Loose Felt Board

App Friday
A Brief History of StoryApps and Interactivity
Little Red Hen 30Hands App

“B” Storytime
B is the Letter of the day Sock Puppet App Video
Bean’s Baby App
Wee Sing ABC App
Belly Button (Heather Bishop)
My Bonnie (Jim Gill)


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