Digital Media and Early Learning Roundtable References and Resources

I try to have brekkie with Lisa Guernsey at every opportunity because A) she’s a really sweet person with a great sense of humour and a mifi; and B) she’s kind of the big guns when it comes to early childhood + media use at a national level. At NAEYC in DC this year I had the joy of gabbing with her one fine morning before conference festivities commenced, and we cooked up some big ideas based around media mentorship, my little Access, Content & Engagement initiative, Pioneering Literacy and her work with the Campaign for Grade Level Reading. We’ll have more to report on in the new year, but Lisa shared with me a very valuable document that’ll be of interest to LittleeLit readers:  Digital Media and Early Learning Roundtable References and Resources. What a fantastic resource! Thanks Lisa, and the rest of the Roundtable on the Science of Digital Media and Early Learning!


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