The Fox Just Keeps On Saying… Whatever It Says

This is a report from Sharon Lanasa Youth Services Manager at the Dorchester County Public Library, who came to my 2 day New Media in Storytime workshop at ESRL.

I was so inspired by Phyllis’s fox storytime, I postponed my planned storytime activities this week and did some copycatting (or copy-foxing)!

Adults and children were given fox masks to use during our “What Does the Fox Say?” dance party portion (I used Phyllis’s iMovie). The template I used was the “Fantastic Fox Mask” from Little Gatherer. The masks are bright and beautiful, and come in orange and blue.

My library colleague is a huge fan of foxes, and allowed us to enjoy her fox stuffed animals during story time. Each child (ages 14 months to 4 years old) had an opportunity to pet the foxes, or give them a “high paw.”

I changed the “Two Little Dickey Birds” rhyme to “Two Little Foxes,” and I utilized the Software Smoothie Felt Board app on our early literacy iPad to act out different versions of the rhymes:

Two little foxes, running on a hill,
One named Jack, the other named Jill.
Run away Jack, run away Jill!
Come back Jack, come back Jill!

Two little foxes, sitting in the snow,
One named High, the other named Low.
Go away High! Go away Low!
Come back High! Come back Low!

I’ve attached a few photos that parents gave permission to take during the fox festivities 🙂

All the participants had a great time, kids and adults alike! Many thanks for the inspiration, Phyllis … you are my new media story time guru!


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