LittleeLit Think Tanker Carissa Christner Profiled in the Wisconsin State Journal


One of our fabulous bloggers, Carissa Christner, has been profiled in the Wisconsin State Journal in an article entitled I screen, you screen: Should you unplug your child? See Carissa’s recent LittleeLit blog post here: Infiniscroll for Telling Stories.

Here’s the crux of the issue from our point of view, articulated simply and well by both Carissa and the author. (And yes, the “think tank” they refer to is our very own Little eLit think tank!)

Christner, the mother of a 3-year-old, is also a member of a think tank comprised mostly of librarians across the U.S. and Canada who have given screen time a lot of thought. Their conclusion: “It’s less about the technology than about how you’re using it,” she said.

That means finding high-quality content and exploring it with your child. That’s right: If you’re going to have screen time, do it together.

The first (and at time of posting, the only) comment on the Wisconsin State Journal article says “Read a book;” which I assume is a trollish comment intended to suggest an alternative to “screen time” and support an unplugging/screen free agenda. What an opportunity for a librarian to swoop in and say “Books are available digitally now! And here’s how you can engage with your children around them! Come visit your local librarian and we’ll show you show!”


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  1. Great comeback comment! Would it be weird if I left that response to an article quoting me? 🙂

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