Highlights from @NAEYCAC : Lisa Guernsey, Chip Donohue & Other Rock Stars

The NAEYC Annual Conference this weekend in Washington, DC was a whirlwind of activity, and there was PLENTY of conversation about the role of children’s librarians and new media in the early childhood space. Of particular note were two shout outs from Lisa Guernsey & Chip Donohue, both of whom referenced the new media mentor position that children’s librarians are beginning to take on in their communities. I’m including their presentation slides below.

I was also pleased to meet Mary Beth Parks, who has been leading some very innovative new media programs for children at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. I can’t wait to hear more about what they have been working on, and we hope to feature their work on LittleeLit soon!

Many thanks to Lisa Guernsey, Chip Donohue, Amanda ArmstrongKaren Nemeth, Andrew Davis, Faith Rogow & Mike Robb for the chats, meals and general welcoming to the ECE & media literacy communities. I look forward to many more chats in the future!

Meeting Brian Puerling and Jim Gill was also pretty darn cool. I still have to work on not getting star struck.


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  1. Cen:

    Hey. Sorry I missed the conference and you! I want to make sure you saw the email I sent out today about cloudBoard. It’s something I think you will want to cover on your blog. They are on Kickstarter and have 15 days to reach their goal. They could use a boost. In addition to cloudBoard, the developers, Digital Dream Labs, created dreamTableTop, a hybrid of a smart table, IWB, and hands on puzzle that has been purchased by a children’s museum in Texas. Two other dreamTableTops are being purchased by other museums. I’m telling you Cen, this is revolutionary and perfect for libraries. Check it out…. http://www.digitaldreamlabs.com/cloudboard/ http://mashable.com/2013/11/22/cloudboard-kickstarter/

    Fran Simon, M.Ed.
    Engagement Strategies, LLC

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