Thanks for the Buzz at #CLANoise!

Many thanks to all of you who came out to the California Library Association’s annual conference this weekend! It was incredibly busy for me; I helped with the California State Library’s Early Learning with Families Preconference, and then I participated in 4 concurrent sessions with some fantastic co-presenters.

For the sessions where we had slides or resources to share, I’ll make separate blog posts for each.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 9.39.25 AM
Stand Out and Be Outstanding: Fearlessly Leading Your Library Career

What does it mean to lead and be recognized as a leader in the library profession? And what exactly is a rock star librarian? This session will spark a discussion about what it means to stand out—and be outstanding—in the library field. A panel of motivated librarians who have participated in California’s Eureka! Leadership Program and the ALA Emerging Leaders Program will share innovative paths to leadership, including strategies for being a leader in any position, risk-taking, and balancing personal and professional priorities. The panel will engage participants in a candid discussion of seeing the big picture in your library career; standing out from the crowd and why visibility matters; being a rock star—help or hindrance; and haters gonna hate—dealing with backlash. Join us to gain ideas for cultivating your leadership role in the library !eld, and sound off about what you think defines a library leader.

Allison Tran, Mission Viejo Library
Yemila Alvarez, San Francisco Public Library
Martha Camacho,Pasadena Public Library
Cen Campbell,
Dolly Goyal, San Mateo County Library
Genesis Hansen, Mission Viejo Public Library
Patrick “PC” Sweeney, San Mateo County Library

Children’s Services in the Digital Age: Technology Competencies

Have children’s services changed with the rising use of eBooks and mobile devices? If so, how? Scholastic’s Kids & Family Reading Report tells us that 46% of children have read an eBook—up from 25% only two years ago. Most parents are interested in having their children read eBooks (72%). We will demonstrate how to use digital media in your story times, reader’s advisory, and general children’s services.Come away from this session with tips that !t your technology comfort zone! Learn more about how library websites, early literacy computers, and other technology can help you reach children and families. Take a look at what you are doing now and assess your ability to increase your use of digital media in the future. Outcomes include:a list of best apps for storytimes; basic competencies for eBooks; examples of using technology in storytime and Every Child Ready to Read programs; how to communicate the value of using digital media with children; and how children’s services can best use their library’s on-line resources and website.

Cen Campbell,
Elizabeth Gray, Yolo County Library
Genesis Hansen, Mission Viejo Public Library

Make Some Noise with High-Tech Services for Kids and Teens 

Libraries all around California are developing high-tech, multi-media, innovative services and collections for children and teens, and it’s not just large, urban, well-funded libraries, either. Using examples from programs implemented in Silicon Valley, the Central Valley, and Southern California, this session will provide tips, tricks, and inspiration to make some noise with digital services for kids and teens. We’ll show you how we developed digital storytelling programs, app collections, digital music collections, and multi-media programming for teens, and engage in a discussion that gets to the heart of why these services matter and how you can implement in your library.

Cen Campbell,
Katrina Bergen, Dixon Public Library
Allison Tran, Mission Viejo Public Library

Wise Ways to Use Media & Technology with Young Kids

In this session, a panel representing experts from Common Sense Media, Little eLit, First 5 and will explore wise ways to recommend and use technology with young children. They will talk about the importance of adult-child interactions and limited screen time for kids 0-2. They’ll then introduce you to exceptional learning media for older children, great ways to engage in child-adult co-play, and touch on key technology issues such as multitasking and a healthy media diet. Attendees will be armed with concrete ideas about how to select great media for young children and thoughtful, age-appropriate ways to use media with them. A Kids Tech Toolkit, newly developed by the State Library, will be announced and shared.

Carisa Kluver,
Merve Lapus, Common Sense Media
Kristin Torres, El Dorado County Office of Education
Cen Campbell,


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