Take the Little eLit October Challenge!

New can be exciting, but let’s face it. New can be scary, even ghoulishly scary. Injecting new technology into traditional library programs, like storytime, comes with challenges. Sorting through the logistics of projecting digital content, choosing which media to use, finding the funds to acquire devices and apps, and learning how to use the new tools can give even the most savvy librarian nightmares. Those dark circles and blood shot eyes aren’t part of a zombie costume!

Don’t worry. Little eLit is here to help!

The Little eLit site is full of field notes, presentation slides, and how-to’s for librarians looking to use book apps in storytime or creating new programs around digital media and tablets. We even have collections of apps field tested by librarians with valuable metadata on Pinterest boards to help you choose media for your next program. This month, we’ve got a special treat for you.

During the month of October, we’re challenging ourselves and you to take on new media ghosts and try something new. All of us here at Little eLit come from a variety of libraries with different resources, so we’ll be scaring up new programs or new ways to use digital media that are doable in a library like yours. From digital storytimes and digital media workshops for parents to an augmented reality lab for tweens, we’ll share our ghoulish tales and sweet successes. No candy coating here, we promise!

We’ll also be adding an app a day to our Pinterest boards during the month of October (Monday-Friday) to help you find just the right app for your next program. From toddlers to Teens, we’ll reveal what’s behind the book and game apps that we think are good for STORYtime or ANYtime.

What will be your digital media challenge this month?


About Amy Koester

I'm a youth services librarian with a penchant for exciting ideas and engaging programs. It's a sure bet that if you talk to me about STEAM, whimsy, and trying new things, we'll be best friends forever.

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