Farmer Brown Had 5 Green Apples Felt Board

Carisa Kluver and I were doing a New Media in Storytime workshop for the children’s services staff at the Mission Viejo Library last month. Before our participants arrived I was running through some of the digital storytelling techniques I wanted to demonstrate that day. I had one of my Keynote presentations up on the screen and I was running through Farmer Brown had 5 Green Apples… except that Farmer Brown didn’t have GREEN apples, as I was used to singing the song (I’ve been dong that song far longer than I’ve been using an iPad in storytime!) because the Software Smoothie Felt Board app only had RED apples. So I sang it wrong. Over and over, because I kept forgetting that the apples were red when my brain wanted them to be green.

Eventually Carisa said to me, “Why don’t you just ask Mindy to make you some green apples?”

Carisa was right; both she and I have worked with the folks who make the app and we know they’re always happy to get feedback to make their app a better early literacy tool. What was especially funny about this situation was that it illustrated one of the key points I always try to hammer home: children’s librarians have an unprecedented opportunity to work directly with content developers to raise the overall quality of children’s content offerings in the digital media marketplace.

Long story short, Mindy made me some green apples. You can see them below in my Farmer Brown had 5 Green Apples felt board below. Thanks Mindy!


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