A Month’s Worth of Education Apps: An App List from alsc-l

Not too long ago, librarian Karen Newberry posted a query to the ALSC listserv: “I’m preparing to share some apps with media specialists. Does anyone have a great suggestion to add to my list?”

She received responses from fellow librarians and folks in academia, and she compiled those responses with a list she received at the ISTE conference. Here’s the resulting list.

A Month’s Worth of Education Apps

Key: W=wifi needed O=can be used offline


Facts, photos and views. Interactive info graphs. Beautiful!
Pandas, tigers, turtles, elephants, 15 total animals

2 Urban dictionary
Slang dictionary for all of us old folk. Graphic content* meant as resource for teachers to know what kids are really talking about and not for kids….although they probably know it anyway.

3 Tinkerbox
Logistical placement of components to make motion devices like dominos or ball into basket.

4 Socrative
Allows you to pose questions to the class and get instant feedback about their understanding level. Teacher and student apps*

5 Garfield’s online safety
Comic book format lesson about Internet safety for kids. Includes quizzes and nemonic cues to help them remember

6 Apps Gone Free
Just what it says. A daily dose of apps that you can get for free. Utilies, games, education as in a grab bag and all for free.

7/8 NASA and NASA TV
Watch live feed from the ISS. NASA launches etc or browse through the on demand banked videos through the tv app. The NASA app offers informative lessons about missions, ISS, satellite technology and space in general.

9 Math Zombies
Answer math problems to change zombies back into humans. Can choose math function and playing level

10 Micro DJ
Remix songs from your own music with a simple console. Free version has limited function.

11 Magic Plan
Design tool for space layout. Can design homes, offices or stores. Even allows you to capture your room virtually with your camera.

12 Science 360
Produced by NSF tons if 2-5 minute videos about science , animals the environment and more. Great self-exploration app.

13 My Reps and My Congress
Lets you locate bibliographic info on you elected officials as well as all the state level offices.
Lets you follow along with proceedings on the floor. Has a schedule of when various hears and votes are to happen.

14 Kidblog
Allows you to set up and control a blog for your students or peers. You have authority to allow posts or deny them. It is a closed group that you control the access for. Would be a great virtual book discussion format

15 Educreations
Record lessons to use later. Great for booktalks?

16 Animals 360
Identifies the animals by written name, sound and habitat. Quizzes to match sound with picture and shuffles photo puzzles for younger user.

17 BigOven
Recipes access to thousands of recipes, leftover helper and a component to let you scan your own recipes in.

18 Adobe Reader
Allows you to open PDF documents on your iPhone, touch or pad.

19 Mango Reader
Read along, ereader of record the story in your own voice. Great for fluency.

20 Khan Academy
Video lessons from various disciples. Has transcripts of the spoken lesson.
Junior high and up

21 Moo Baa La La La by Sandra Boynton
Read along interactive book of sB’s fun stories. I splurged on this one… $3

22 Spring Pad
An organizing tool. Think about if Pinterest married your todo list.

23 Slate Math K-1 (can download at different levels)
Busy work math games sorting, counting etc. interactive

24 See Touch Learn
Interactive learning game. The computer voice asks you to select the correct letter out of a bank of choices. Not the best computer generated voice but a teacher could direct the students to do the same thing.

25 Collage
Lets you put together up to four photos, choose background and add text. Pro version allows more photos for 1.99

26 Discover Poetry
Spin to choose a random theme, browse by mood, subject, poet, audio versions. Cool tool

27 PBS Play and Learn
Tracing shapes, letters. Suggested literacy activities for baby through pre-k

28 Nearpod
Allows for devices to be synced together via the website or app. The teacher can control the view of the other devices in the pod. Polls, lessons etc. *Teacher and students all need app or access.

29 Schoology
Allows for posting from the various members of a group. Great to be used for classroom events or group project coordination.

30 Goodreads
Rate your books and have the option of writing reviews. Keep shelves of books by genre, classes or any out taxonomy. Allows you to share with friends if you want to.

31 Sock Puppets
Lets kids record their own 30 second puppet shows for replay. Can change out props and sock puppets.


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I'm a youth services librarian with a penchant for exciting ideas and engaging programs. It's a sure bet that if you talk to me about STEAM, whimsy, and trying new things, we'll be best friends forever.

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