More on the Little eLit Pinterest Boards, by Claudia Haines, Curation Coordinator

How do we decide what gets pinned to the Little eLit Pinterest boards?

Look to the name of the Pinterest board where an app is pinned for your first clue. The apps we are pinning to the Pinterest preschool storytime board, for example, are apps we have used in storytime, or would be appropriate for use in the storytime setting. Each app is accompanied by metadata that draws attention to a variety of important elements including: interactive features (very important), contribution to early literacy (based on the ECRR skills and practices), age-appropriateness, quality of app (story, images, features, etc.), functionality, kid-appeal, etc. You’ll find reference to these elements in the metadata. At the top of each board, you’ll find a key to the metadata so we didn’t have to use up our 500 word limit with repeated text. (The Pinterest platform has a few limitations!)

For example, the “Apps for STORYtime: Preschool” board looks like this:

Apps for Storytime snapshot

For each app, we include:

  • Title = What is the full title of the app?
  • Developer = Who developed the app? Who created the original book, if applicable?
  • OS/Device = Is the app for an iPhone and/or an iPad? Is there an Android or Kindle version? Is there another version?
  • Storytime Use = How would you use the with kids in the storytime setting? Does the app incorporate any ECRR skills or practices? Is it a STEM/STEAM activity?
  • Technical Notes = Are there any technical details that are important to using the app with kids? Are there in-app purchases and/or in-app ads? Are there parent settings? Is personal data being collected? Are there any navigation issues? Are there any special technical needs?
  • Cost at Time of Review = Costs can vary, but what is the estimated cost of the app? An estimated cost can be helpful for board users.
  • Age = What is the approximate age for which the app is appropriate? (the app will be pinned to multiple boards if applicable to multiple age groups)

Choosing appropriate apps is not unlike choosing other storytime components, but it is sometimes harder to do because of the sheer volume of apps on the market, the added technology component, and the relatively new use of apps in storytime. This metadata, along with the actual apps we’ve selected, can help librarians find apps perfect for storytime. Part of our effort is to connect librarians with apps to try, as well as to connect librarians with other librarians who can share their experience with the apps and use of interactive digital media in storytime or other programs.


Interested in becoming one of the pinners for the Little eLit boards? Read our Pinterest how-to and contact us.


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