Pinning Apps for Little eLit: Want to help? by Claudia Haines, Little eLit Curation Coordinator

In libraries and schools across worldwide, librarians are integrating interactive digital media into their collections, programs, and advisory services. Recognizing the widespread use of a rapidly expanding array of technology tools–useful for collaboration, learning, and discovery–these pioneers are doing what they do best. They’re using their professional experience to identify quality content; select new tools for use in their programs; model how to use materials with kids; help kids and adults navigate the broadening information landscape; and promote literacy across media.

We’ve talked a lot on the Little eLit blog about the use of apps in preschool storytimes and with kids of all ages. Librarians are sharing their individual experiences using interactive digital media with kids, both here and across the web. Search the Internet and you’ll find librarians and educators testing apps and digital media of all kinds with kids, recognizing that the interactive digital media of today is not the passive media of yesterday.

It’s time to share what we know and what we’ve tested with each other on a broader scale. Librarians already using apps in storytimes, and those interested in incorporating new tools and content into their library programs and collections, need to hear from others about what’s good and what works. Let’s sift through the exploding abundance of digital media available for kids and families and put our “appvisory” skills to work.

And let’s do it in one place.

Little eLit has organized a team of librarians to create a series of boards on to collect field-tested apps for preschoolers, toddlers, and elementary age kids. With each pinned app, we’re including easy-to-use metadata along with the representative image so librarians, educators, and parents can find out about an app’s suggested storytime use, its value in early literacy, or what makes it a great app for elementary-age programs. We also have some boards for “anytime” apps that might be excellent, but may not be program material.

We need your help to fill these boards with apps field-tested in storytimes and in elementary programs. Check out our Pinterest how-to!

Will you help us?

If you’re using digital media in your library and you’re a Pinterest user (or want to be one),
contact us
and we’ll get you pinning!


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