I made a mistake in my webinar and I can’t do take-backsies, but I can expand the issue a little here.

CLA-springfling-logo.2012I participated in a CLA Spring Fling webinar last week with the fabulous Eva Mitnick (LAPL) and the forward-thinking Elaine Meyers. The webinar was entitled Every Child Reading to Read 2 in Action; Eva talked about implementing ECRR2 at LAPL, Elaine discussed space, and my part was how ECRR2 now includes digital media.

At the end of my session someone asked if it would be appropriate to use an iPad when visiting preschools, and I said that since what we want to do most of all is model for parents and caregivers the best use of media with young children, perhaps we shouldn’t whip out the iPad at every preschool visit. (Not the exact wording, and when the archived version comes out I’ll go back and check). I cringe even admitting that I said that. Preschools teachers are caregivers! We need to be modeling for THEM how to use high quality children’s media with young children, though, to be honest, early childhood educators and their governing organizations are far ahead of libraryland when it comes to the theory, research and official stance taking on the use of digital media with young children. We need to be partnering more with early childhood educators (ie and not attacking them, like the shameful exchange that took place on the ALSC blog recently).

I do think that if you’re considering bringing an iPad with you to a preschool/school visit, you should communicate with the administration/teachers beforehand, because some schools DO have a very strict no-screen policy (like my son’s preschool!) I think I must have been wearing my mom hat and not my librarian hat when I responded to this question. I wish I could contact everyone who attended the webinar and further expand this conversation, but the best I can do is explain myself here, offer what the correct response should have been, and learn from this experience.

I don’t think that the use of an technology in storytime is always appropriate (like I wrote about here); we must alway use the best tools for the job. Sometimes an iPad is appropriate, sometimes it isn’t. Our job is to develop in ourselves the competencies to discern when and how to use which tools, and to communicate to our communities (families, caregivers, preschool teachers, administrators and other community stakeholders) the reasoning behind our inclusion or exclusion of technology in early literacy programs.



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  1. Many of our 4K sites (we call them P4J — Preschool for Janesville) have iPads provided by the school district. At a recent P4J teachers’ meeting, they shared their favorite apps for teaching four-year-olds. It was a great collaborative moment, since our library isn’t quite there, yet.

  2. Sharon, that’s WONDERFUL! Would you happen to have any documentation of that meeting? e.g. the list of apps, the contact person who might be willing to write a post about it? I LOVE collaborations like this, and we should be shouting about them from the rooftops!!! Please tell me more!

  3. This is an interesting discussion. I recently just brought my iPad with me to a daycare visit for the first time. I hadn’t even thought that it may be an issue (and it wasn’t) but it is something to consider. I had a great reaction from all the teachers present but I understand that may not always be the case. I’m wondering if in the future I should let the daycare know ahead of time. But part of me (the rebellious part!) just thinks I should do my thing and model how I use the iPad and maybe change some minds in the process….

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