Grow a Reader

growareaderThe librarysphere has been all abuzz with the launch of the Calgary Public Library’s Grow a Reader app, which is based around Every Child Ready to Read 2. I downloaded the app today and took a spin through it; it’s a good one.

I’m not sure about the book recommendation feature, though; it kicks you out of the app and into their catalogue, when I was expecting to actually read a book within the app. The “recommend a book” feature is one that’s central to our profession, of course, and the developers couldn’t have included the books in the app unless A) they’d developed a platform in which to read the book and B) they had the license to do so. Still, I’m not sure why that feature had such prominence since it could really only be used by people with a Calgary Public Library card, and I think this app will be downloaded in many more places than just in the greater Calgary area (which is where my hubby hails from, by the by!)

The videos are well produced (though there are some funny angles and edits), and the tips are great. The video sections (fingerplays, tickles etc) seem to lend itself well to child navigation and there are real kids in the tickle section! (uber cute)

I think I might use this app in my storytimes; this’ll be a great tool both for librarians to learn how to deliver parent education tidbits, and for parents to learn new songs etc to sing with their children.



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