Apps in Storytime by Anne Hicks: Peekaboo Vehicles

peekabooThis cute app is easy to use as a guessing game during storytime. It shows an image of clouds and plays the sound of a specific vehicle (a train, a firetruck, a helicopter, ….). When you tap on the clouds they disappear to reveal an animated image of the vehicle. I held the iPad facing the kids and had them guess each vehicle by its sound. I also gave them clues. For example, with the airplane sound I told the kids: “this vehicle has great big wings and flies in the sky.” Once they shouted out their guesses, I taped the iPad to reveal the vehicle. We played until we guessed all the vehicles but I think the kids would have loved to keep going.

Here’s a screenshot of the fire truck:


Check out my blog Anne’s Library Life for my full transportation-themed storytime.

Anne Hicks
Children’s Librarian
Henrietta Public Library


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