First Known Video Footage of the Mysterious Creature Known as #AppsinStorytime

Many children’s librarians are excited about the idea of using apps in their storytimes. They see the value of modeling joint media engagement and offering suggestions for high-quality apps to share with kids, but they have trouble visualizing what an app in storytime might look like. Finally I have some video to share, which was taken by my hubby at Books on Screen at the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose last week. Our son was in his lap, so be forgiving about the quality of the video. I did another video session at the Museum today and I hope to have some edited, professional footage to share soon. I’ll also post the storytime plans for today’s program as soon as I can too. I’m a little swamped these days and I’ve got a half-day workshop to lead tomorrow at the Watsonville Public Library with Carisa Kluver of, and some new friends from the School and Public Librarians Association of the Monterey Bay Area (SPLAMBA).


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