MVPL Pajama Jam: Apps and stories about growth and potential

readbunnyLast week was the second in a series of 3 Pajama Jam programs at the Mountain View Public Library. It was a large, loud, young crowd and I had to stop the Kissing Hand before I got to the very end because it was a little long. One of my storytelling colleagues who is very supportive of the musical experiments I do in my programs, but not too sure yet of my use of digital media surprised me by saying “Maybe you need a bigger screen!” when we discussed how the brightboard might be muddling the image a little at the back of the room. She and I discussed ways that we might be able to retain the same cozy pajama jam storytime feeling that I’ve been able to maintain despite large numbers (60 people!) and the use of the iPad. Next week I’ll try a different monitor to mirror my apps.

What I did

Come and Follow Me (Recorder)
Storytime Rules (Sit with your kids, Sing, turn off phones, save snacks til later)
Hello Song
Early literacy tip: Developing potential: the best thing you can do for you children is spend time reading and interacting with them, and what you read or interact over (ie print or digital book) is much less important than the quality of the interaction.
Wiggle my fingers
Book: In the Fiddle is a Song
Fingerplays: Rain on the green grass, Come a look a see
Song/Book: Inch by Inch
Humpty Dumpty screenshot (screenshot from Bookboard)
The Kissing Hand
Fais Do Do (lyrics on Smoothie Felt Board/Keynote)
Book: Read to Your Bunny
Clap up high goodbye rhyme

What I used

Keynote App
HDMI Cable
Nexus S (for portable Wifi and Bluetooth)
PopAdvisions Brightboard (42 inches-ish)


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