NAEYC PDI proposal accepted:Links with Libraries: The Surprisingly Diverse Ways Libraries are Supporting Developmentally Appropriate Early Learning in Partnerships with Schools and Programs

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I just received confirmation that the proposal Lisa GuernseyKaren Nemeth and I submitted to the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s Professional Development Institute  (San Francisco, June 9-12 2013) has been accepted. There’s no link up yet, and the details may be different in the official program, but below is the description we submitted. This program is part of my personal/professional campaign to break out of the library echochamber and collaborate creatively with other professions who work with the same demographics that we do.

Links with Libraries: The Surprisingly Diverse Ways Libraries are Supporting Developmentally Appropriate Early Learning in Partnerships with Schools and Programs

Public libraries are doing amazing things for early learning and developmentally appropriate practice. Ideas for collaborating with libraries should be part of early childhood teacher preparation and training. This session will present exciting examples of library initiatives that meet diverse language needs, offer access to technology, and build family literacy.

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