#ala2013 Conversation Starter Proposals: Vote for Building A to Zoo for Apps!

ALA_2013_Chicago_Logo_FINAL_CLRLet the conversations begin! We have 2 conversation starter proposals in (both submitted by the awesome and amazing Allison Tran at the Mission Viejo library). Take a gander at what we’ve put together and then give us a thumbs up (through ALA Connect) if you agree it’s a conversation that needs to happen. Here are the descriptions:

Building A to Zoo for Apps: Time-tested librarian skills meet cutting edge technology for kids

“We can’t afford to ignore digital content in the one institution most ideally set up to help the rest of society navigate the next few decades.” – Carisa Kluver, Digital-Storytime.com and Digital Media Diet founder.

Children’s librarians are now in the software design and app curation business. This panel will begin the discussion about why librarians are ideally poised to curate the children’s book-based and educational app space, build the tools to do so and provide leadership for early childhood educators, parents and children’s app developers on the use and development of interactive media for children. Attendees at this interactive panel discussion will have the opportunity to share their concerns and hopes about how libraries can best use apps to support early learning, now and in the years to come.

Presenters: Cen Campbell, Allison Tran, Lisa Guernsey, Carisa Kluver, Trista Kunkel

Stand Out and Be Outstanding: Fearlessly Leading Your Library Career

What does it mean to lead and be recognized as a leader in the library profession? And what exactly is a rock star librarian, anyway? This session will spark an exchange of ideas about what it means to stand out- and be outstanding- in the library field. A panel of motivated librarians who have participated in California’s Eureka! Leadership Program and/or the ALA Emerging Leaders Program will share their innovative paths to leadership, including strategies for being a leader in any position, taking risks, and balancing personal and professional priorities. The panel will also engage participants in a candid discussion of:

  • Seeing the big picture in your library career
  • Standing out from the crowd: why visibility matters
  • Being a ‘rock star’: help or hindrance?
  • Haters gonna hate: dealing with backlash

Join us in this interactive session to gain ideas for cultivating your leadership role in the library field, and sound off about what you think defines a true library leader.

Presenters: Yemila Alvarez, Allison Tran, Martha Camacho, Cen Campbell, Dolly Goyal, Genesis Hansen, Patrick “PC” Sweeney


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