@MVPLibrary Pajama Jam: Sleepy Stories, Songs and Apps

Tonight was my first storytime this year. I’ve had a long hiatus (since before Christmas) and I’d almost forgotten (not really) the sheer joy that runs through me when I get to lead a room full of parents and kids through joyous music making and literacy development. I feel so honoured that I get to do this as a job.

This evening my biggest success was teaching a French lullaby to people who knew no French (I asked for a show of hands), nor had they ever heard the song before. I would not have been able to do that so easily unless I’d used my iPad.  To teach them the song (Fais Do Do) I first played the Lisa Loeb/Elizabeth Mitchell version with the lyrics posted in Keynote. I rocked and sang along to the recording for the first verse, then ran my finger along under the lyrics on the screen on the refrain, and finally turned the recorded music off and made everyone in the room sing the brand new song along with me (leaving the lyrics up). I’m not sure why I’m always so surprised when everyone in the room can sing a song they’d never heard before on only the third time through; the combination of modeling, posted lyrics, rocking and visual images just make it so much easier for the parents to take in. I was never able to produce those kinds of results before I began using the iPad in storytime.

Here’s what I did:

What I did

Come and Follow Me (Fife)
Storytime Rules (Sit with your kids, Sing, turn off phones, save snacks til later)
Hello Song
Early literacy tip: Print Motivation
Wiggle my fingers
Felt board: Sleep/Sheep
Book: Where is the Green Sheep?
Activity song: Alabama Mississippi
Book: Baby BeeBee Bird
Activity song: See the sleeping bunnies
iBook: Llama Llama Red Pajama
Fais Do Do (lyrics on Smoothie Felt Board/Keynote)
App: Goodnight Moon
Clap up high goodbye rhyme

What I used

Keynote App
HDMI Cable
Nexus S (for portable Wifi and Bluetooth)
Logitech Mini boombox
PopAdvisions Brightboard (42 inches-ish)

Attendees: 47


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