Apps in Storytime by Anne Hicks: Feed the Animals

Feed the Animals by Curious Fingers

I asked the kids to help me feed the animals!  The app shows you an animated image of an animal and three choices of what that animal might eat.  When you drag the food over to the animal, it will either eat the food happily (if you choose correctly) or refuse the food (if you choose incorrectly).  I held the iPad so the kids could see and then dragged food to the animal.  This was fun because I played dumb and kept giving the animal the wrong food and the kids would get excited by my utter stupidity and yell out the correct answer.

Here’s a screenshot from the app:

I would say “We can feed the monkey some peanuts, a flower, or a banana.  I know monkeys loooove to eat flowers so I’ll give him a flower.”  The kids all shout out “No! Monkeys like bananas!”  I did this with 5 or 6 animals and the kids had a lot of fun.

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Anne Hicks
Children’s Librarian
Henrietta Public Library


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  1. Beautiful Cen! Can I come to your story time too?
    It is good to keep in touch with what you are doing.

    • Thanks, Mom! You are welcome at my storytimes ANYTIME!! The above post is by a colleague of mine, though, who is an app-with-kids rockstar.

      Thanks for singing to me when I was a kid, and for all the storytimes you took me to, and for answering all my questions. It’s probably your fault I’m a children’s librarian. 🙂

  2. For my little baby I frequently uses animal teacher App.And more interestingly it is totally free.

    So what are you waiting for!!!!!!!

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