iPad App: Robot Lab by Toca Boca by Anne Hicks

Toca Boca’s Robot Lab is an app that allows kids to build a robot.  I held the iPad facing the kids and asked them to help me by choosing what the robot would look like.

First you are prompted to choose your robot’s legs and are given three choices.  I showed the kids the choices and said something like; “should we choose the yellow legs, the blue and white striped legs, or the red legs?”   The kids all shouted out their choices and I went with whatever got the most votes (or whatever option was shouted the loudest!).  

We then chose a body for the robot in the same manner.  Just like when you read a book, it is nice to have the kids engage with the app by asking them questions or having them make predictions.  I asked the kids to tell me what else we need for our robot.  They inevitably shouted that we needed arms!  So we chose arms and continued until our robot was built.
Here’s a screenshot of our robot before we added the arms:

Once the robot is built you are supposed to drag him to a giant magnet so he can be sent to the factory and “certified.”  I asked the kids to cheer for the robot (“Robot!, robot!, robot!…”) as I dragged him to the magnet.

As you all know one of ECRR’s early literacy skills is talking.  Boy, did I get a lot of enthusiastic discussion going with this fun app!

The kids had fun with it, and as often happens, I had a parent ask me to repeat the name of the app so they could go home and download it!

To see my full robot themed storytime check out my blog AnnesLibraryLife.wordpress.com.

Anne Hicks
Children’s Librarian
Henrietta Public Library


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  1. Ha! You’re welcome! This is great-forwarding it to the boss lady now You orgainil answers were great and say a lot about your district. There’s a reason Colorado has it going on where early literacy is concerned-you’ve got awesome folks working on the cause AND your management is supportive.But you’re right that if you are in a place where that isn’t the case, doesn’t mean you can’t still develop storytimes and other programs on your own. In my mind, storytimes are immortal living organisms. They are never fully grown and developed-there’s always something that could be changed.Thanks for this series of posts! They have been so helpful in more ways than I can say!

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