iPad Storytime at the Oakville Public Library

oakvilleThe storytime program was presented at the Oakville Public Library by Justine Gerroir.

I am excited to report that today marked one of the first classes that I had felt really confident and comfortable using the iPad in a storytime setting. I had a mother come up to be at the end of the program to describe how “impressed” she was with the use of technology in storytime.

I regularly run Family Storytime every  Monday morning for 30 minutes and have used some of the following apps:

Today’s program (about 35 children and adults) went as follows:

Welcome Song:
Hello everybody and clap your hands, clap your hands, clap your hands
Hello everybody and clap your hands, clap your hands today!
Hello everybody and stomp your feet, stomp your feet, stomp your feet
Hello everybody and stomp your feet, stomp your feet today!

Repeat for : Jump up and down!
Twirl around!
Touch your nose!

Song with Action : The Wiggles – Point your Fingers

iPad Story: Five Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed by Eileen Christletow (app)

  • The iPad projected the story on a screen behind me while I read. I was positioned in front of the screen with the iPad balanced on my lap. I was still able to maintain eye contact with the children and was able to engage in fingerplay (how many monkeys left?? 4..3..2..1), and engage in story retelling “what did the Dr. say??” The children lined up as close as the could to see the story projected.

Song with shakers: Raffi – Day-o (from Baby Beluga)

Fingerplay: Five Little Monkeys Swinging on a Tree

  • Five Feltboard monkeys and one big green crocodile puppet

Song with Action:  Sandy Offenheim -Statue Game

Goodbye Song singalong : The More We Get Together

Justine Gerroir
Children’s Specialist
Oakville Public Library


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  1. Love this! Thank you so much for sharing how you included the IPad. I am really wanting to try this but am not sure what I need ~ besides my IPAd ~ to make it happen. Any suggestions? I am checking out all your links and starting a storytime list. 🙂 Thanks!

    • I’m glad it’s helpful! We’re working on making all the storytime plans more easily accessible. I use an Apple TV to mirror everything on my ipad onto a screen or TV. how many kids do you usually get?

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