Goodnight Moon for Bedtime

I bought the Goodnight Moon app, since I was curious about it.  I found it a little too active for bedtime, but it was a lot of fun.  I let my son (almost three) play with apps as a special treat and when I need to keep him one place.  We pull out the iPad when we are waiting at the doctor’s office, on a long trip, or when are finishing up a meal at busy restaurant and all my other tricks (books included) have failed us. I let him play with the Goodnight Moon app in one of these situations.  He loves making the moon spin around and making the light go on and off.  That night when we were getting ready for bed, he pulled the board book version of Goodnight Moon off the shelf. We had gone through two copies of this book when he was a baby, but he had recently lost interest in it.  The app brought him back to the book.  The same thing happened with Moo, Baa, La, La, La!  He seems to understand that the book and the app are two different experiences.  I would never use apps at bedtime since I find them too stimulating, but I was pleased with the result I had with this app.  This has convinced me that we need to find ways to make this technology AND traditional books work for early literacy.

Rachel Payne
Coordinator of Early Childhood Services
Brooklyn Public Library


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  1. Fran Simon, M.Ed.

    I love the concept of books and ebook bundles.

  2. There is the added bonus whereby children who have sight and/ or hearing difficulties benefit when both print and digital versions are available. I’m working on this within the creation of a print/app compatible series for 8-11 year olds. I’m able to consider sensory stimulation at an appropriate level for this age group – taking on board your point about over stimulation at bed time for younger children, Rachel. Research is such an essential part of the whole process of providing well-thought out end products that appeal and improve literacy.

  3. Never say never 🙂 I agree that apps are stimulating and experts seem to agree that screen time for anyone (children and adults) before bed can interrupt sleep patterns. However, some apps are a nice interim from play to sleep because they require sitting still. I’ve tried this a few times with my friends’ son. He is three and doesn’t love bed time (especially with people over). With the iPad an interactive book is the perfect seguay from playing to bedtime stories. So, although it shouldn’t be the last thing you do before lights out, the iPad can still have a place in a bedtime routine.

  4. Thanks for the comments! If anyone knows of research on screen time, stimulation, and sleep, I would love to read it. I feel like it is something no one is talking about and a lot of literacy activities happen before bedtime. If we make the transition to books on screens, what impact will it have? As a pre-bedtime reader, I would be curious to know on a personal level! – Rachel

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