Just Say No to Status Quo

There are more anti-technology posts on pubyac today, and I’m not going to engage them anymore. What it amounts to is that there are children’s librarians who think they have much more say than they really do about WHETHER parents use technology with their children. Abstinence-only education does not work. If all you can say about technology with kids is: “No screen time!” you’re going to lose your patrons and make yourself obsolete.

What children’s librarians have immense potential to affect is HOW parents use technology with their young children. It is no longer a question of SHOULD we begin using this technology with children in our library programs, it’s HOW can we do it in a way that best supports the development of early literacy skills.

I am working with techniques found in Every Child Ready to Read, Mother Goose on the Loose, the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program and even Music Together and adapting them into the digital realm. We take the best tools we have, and we apply them to the job at hand.

Let’s get on with establishing best practices for using technology with young children in libraries.


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