Android Woes? Have No Fear!

I got this email recently and I thought I’d answer the question publicly since it may be useful to others:

First off, thanks for the inspiration!  I’m getting myself up to speed in incorporating digital resources into my programming, and you’ve been a great resource.

Quick question – are you aware of any buzz on whether developers will start designing for Android as well as IOS?  We purchased Samsungs rather than iPads, and I’m finding that all the “cool” apps seem only to be offered for IOS.  Major bummer.  Wish I had found you before we made the purchase.

As I wade through Google play etc., I’ll start a Pinterest board for Android apps and send you the link in case there are others in my boat.  Although maybe I’ll be too busy writing a grant so I can get some iPads as well! LOL!

Michele Timbly
Children’s Librarian
Niagara Falls Public Library

There are a number of bigger developers that produce content for iOS and Android, like OceanHouse Media, Loud Crow and Nosy Crow, plus review sites that review Android apps as well. Common Sense Media’s maintains its Best Android Apps for Kids and Digital Storytime reviews for various platforms

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can access Nook or Kindle Books through their respective apps (and you can even sync your devices!). While there may still not be a ton of native book apps for Android, your storytelling or public use collection could include a whole slew of great picture books in eBook format (check out the Caldecotts that are available digitally ). To be honest, I generally prefer using eBooks in my programs over apps, though I don’t have a mirroring mechanism for any of my Android devices. I can’t wait to see what you come up on Pinterest (When you have that set up, I’ll add to to our list!), and it would be really great to see if you find a device that works for projecting or mirroring in your programs.




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  1. I have 3 apps from a series currently under development as iPad apps, which the programmers will later adapt to Android. They have the technology, which I’m pleased about. I hope to reach a larger audience with my focus being on literacy and numeracy improvement.

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