Ooh La, La and Dinosaurs! Let’s get fancy with Fancy Nancy book apps!

Bonjour! Are you ready?  It’s time for a Fancy Nancy Party! Let’s make some glittery crowns, wear colorful boas and lots of fancy clothes! (encouraged but not required)

Where:  Library, School or Home

When:  Right Now

Bring in a pile of Fancy Nancy books.   Find a list of books at Explore Fancy Nancy World!

Find all the Fancy Nancy books, activities, party ideas and more!

Check out some of these Fancy Nancy books at your library!

Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy : poet extraordinaire!

Fancy Nancy: Aspiring Artist

Ooh la la! It’s beauty day

Are you thinking beautiful thoughts?  It’s all about the word “Fancy”!   Use lots of fancy words, play Fancy Nancy bingo, and make lots of fancy arts and crafts.

Interact, read, play and dance with Fancy Nancy apps!

My two favorite Fancy Nancy apps to use are Fancy Nancy Dress Up and Fancy Nancy Ballet School.  Both apps are perfect for displaying on a large screen or wall.

Fancy Nancy Dress Up:  Create where you want to go! The beach?   Dinosaurs?  Yes, Fancy Nancy loves being fancy everywhere.   It’s fun to add a good roar and stomp while being fancy.

To create and add dinosaurs to your background, use DK Dinosaur Stickers app.

Fancy Nancy Ballet School

It’s time to dance!  Learn new dance steps and dance with Fancy Nancy.  If you have a large group, have everyone dance together in the room and then rotate in a new person every dance or pick one person to dance along directly on the app.

Fancy Nancy Book Apps:

Fancy Nancy Ballet School

Fancy Nancy Dress Up

Fancy Nancy Explorer Extraordinaire

Fancy Nancy and the Late, Late, Late Night

Fancy Nancy and the Sensational Babysitter

More Dinosaur Apps:

Magic School Bus Dinosaur App

Dinosaurs American Museum of Natural History

It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex

PBS Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train Mesozoic Math

All Aboard the Dinosaur Train!

Dinosaur Train Camera Catch!

Dinosaur Eggspress

Dinosaur Books to use:

The Super Hungry Dinosaur  Martin Waddell/Leonie Lord

How do dinosaurs play with their friends?  Jane Yolen/Mark Teague

Amazing giant dinosaurs  Marie Greenwood/Peter Minister

Simms Taback’s dinosaurs: a giant fold-out book Simms Taback.

Dinosaurs : facts at your fingertips (DK)

Dizzy dinosaurs: silly dino poems  Lee Bennett Hokins/Barry Gott

First big book of dinosaurs  Catherine D. Hughes/Franco Tempesta

How To Raise A Dinosaur by Natasha Wing

For More Harper Collins Book Apps: Read On the Go!

Be a fan of Fancy Nancy on facebook for updates and activities.

For more Fancy Nancy ideas, photos or information about where to buy Fancy Nancy stuff to go along with your event, please send me a message.

Have a lovely time!

Paige Bentley-Flannery 
Children’s/Community Librarian
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